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Undeniably, one of the best things to do here in Dorset is to take a walk through the breathtaking countryside with its undulating hills and hidden valleys, it's really not hard to see why West Dorset is An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A little known walking trick is the Ordnance survey free app (it has subscription options, but works perfectly fine with the free version).  Click here to download the Ordnance Survey app. You will be able to view maps that we have plotted from here on our farm to the places mentioned in our recommendations section and thousands of other amazing walks in the area. It works far better than Google Maps for walking as it allows for plotting along public footpaths and not just roads.

Want to go on a nice walk, but not sure where? Just ask us and we'll send you a link to one of our favourites, or if theres somewhere you want to explore we can try plot you your own bespoke walk with recommendations on where to stop.

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