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Walk to a Pub

There are two things West Dorset has plenty of; jaw-dropping scenery and pubs. Why not come on a break and just enjoy the two, together. There are dozens of pubs within walking distance of Outbuildings depending on your activity level you could even walk there and get a Voltz Taxi back. Most pubs in the area also serve award winning menus, including some that offer our guests an exclusive discount, more about them here. If you want to try out one of these walks just speak to us when you arrive. We will provide you with maps and tips of what to see and do on the way. We guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience. 

The two easiest pubs to walk to from Outbuildings are The Pymore Inn (about 1 mile/20 mins) click here to see the route, and The Half Moon Melplash (about 1.6 miles/40 mins). Both offer delicious pub menus and welcome pets, take a look at their websites for menus and more info.

Click here to download the Ordnance Survey app which you can sign up to for free. You will be able to view maps that we have plotted from here on our farm to the places mentioned in our recommendations section and thousands of other amazing walks in the area. It works far better than Google Maps for walking as it allows for plotting along public footpaths and not just roads. Here is an example of a walk we have plotted to The Pymore Inn.

Or this one to The Parlour, a restaurant that offers Outbuildings guests an exclusive 10% discount. 

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