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Development FAQ's


When is the work taking place?

Work will officially begin October 10th, 2022 through to Spring/Summer 2023. As a rule work will be done Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm with closures in place for anything we have deemed as the most disruptive. 


Where is the work taking place?

The first project will be a complete renovation of The Cart Shed, followed by new cabins and a new driveway. The Pressing Room & The Cider Room will be closed throughout as The Cart Shed is connected and the new driveway will be in the field closest to them. 


Will this affect on-site experiences?

The Cart Shed Dining experience and the bar will be closed through the winter. The Hay Barn Cinema and The Hot Tub will be open as normal but with only a 7:30pm slot available at The Hay Barn.


Will there be any on-site food or drink available?

We will be running our NEW room service menu; an upgraded version of our existing local hamper offering. 

The breakfast bits will all still be available. 

"Text for a Tipple" will also still be available; cocktails and drinks can be delivered to your room or while you're in an experience. 


What does this mean in terms of disruption?

Work will only be carried out during the working day and we will be trying to minimise disruption/noise wherever possible so that it will be similar to a usual working day on the farm. As previously mentioned, work will not be taking place in the evenings or early mornings so sleeping and experiences will not be affected! We have also tried to spread the work out throughout the year to further minimise disruption and to avoid having too many workers onsite at any time.

Do I get a discount?

For the period most affected by development work (winter/spring) we have chosen not to implement our yearly price increase, instead freezing our prices on the same period last year. Which does equate to a pretty good real time discount. However we will not discount stays further than this unless offered as part of a promotion. By booking during this period you understand that, although we are doing our best to mitigate disruption, things sometimes go wrong and schedules don't go to plan.

If you have any questions at all please reach out to us and let us explain how your planned dates may or may not be affected.

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