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Bubbles in The Woods

A woodland hot tub experience like no other...

Crank for champagne

Spend the evening soaking privately in the woods, all to yourself from


Why not upgrade to Bubbles + Bubbles in The Woods and enjoy our unique Crank for Champagne feature.


"Is this included in my room?"

Bubbles in The Woods is not included in any single room rate (unless part of a package).

Our hot tub is cleaned and sanitised between each guests booking and is completely emptied and deep cleaned twice a week.

There is only one reservation per day to allow time to heat the water and sanitise properly and this is the reason for our pricing structure.

What's included?

Your reservation will include:

-Wood to allow you to keep the water at a comfortable temperature, don't worry we will get it up to a comfortable temperature before you arrive.

- A waterproof bluetooth speaker for you to enjoy during your hot tub reservation.

-Fluffy robes for the short journey over to the hot tub.

Only for use by guests who have booked a room with us.

Crank for champagne
Crank for champagne
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